Many Thanks For "dreaming Big!"


Our November 10, 2022 "dream Big" Gala was a tremendous success, 
thanks to our sponsors, donors and village of volunteers. 

For a full recap of the event, click to visit our Gala Page 

Some of our volunteers included: 

Melissa Tait, Erin Richardson and Michelle Bramwell

Lisa Smith, Regis Tagliamonte, Tricia Connolly

Lesley Anderson, Elizabeth Nagarajah, Erin McGuire and Carol Ashton

Volunteer Photographers 
Led By Sam Brooks of Golden Hour Photography 

Josh Murphy, Sam Brooks & Emmalee Bent 

And the following evening volunteers ... 

Martha Amara

Belinda Ancion

Armanda Britton

Samantha Buchanan

Betsy Drougen

Darlene Lafrance

Carol Augustyniak Marcus

Dr. Carine Savignon

Christine Williams

Jenny Williams

Natasha William




Volunteer Appreciation 2022


In June we gathered live at Thorny Lea Golf Club in Brockton, Massachusetts to salute our village of volunteers, who generously give their time to support the educational needs of students facing homelessness and other hardships. 

We salute those who help ensure children and youth have the tools, guidance and social/emotional support they need to succeed. 

Congratulations and a thunderous round of applause to our 2022 and 2021 award recipients, who so willingly help open doors for children and youth in need.  

There are many ways to get involved - Tutor a Child, Mentor a Student in Our Bridge Program, Stage a School Supply Drive, Donate ...
check it out here!  

Oliver Ames Transition Team

Volunteer Spotlight - March, 2022

Colleen Rose, Transition Program Teacher, Oliver Ames High School, Easton, Massachusetts

"The Transition Program at Oliver Ames is so thankful for our partnership with School on Wheels. The group has been coming to volunteer on Fridays since last October.  One of the main goals of the Transition Program is to provide the students with meaningful opportunities to learn skills while building relationships with members of the community.

School on Wheels has done this and more! The students are able to give back to their community while learning important work readiness skills. The group has been able to fill backpacks, do inventory and work on various special projects.

The students and staff truly enjoy the time we spend at School on Wheels and feel good knowing that we are able to help others in need!"


There are many ways to get involved - Tutor a Child, Mentor a Student in Our Bridge Program, Stage a School Supply Drive, Donate ...
check it out here!  

Princesse Dumas

Volunteer Spotlight - January, 2022

Princesse came to School on Wheels to fulfill community service credits as part of her undergraduate studies at Bridgewater State University. 

As a Bachelor's of Arts candidate in Social Work, Princesse is interested in learning how the social and emotional well-being of children impacts their performance in school. 

"I wholeheartedly embrace the importance of instilling curiosity and a love for learning in children at an early age," Princesse said. 

She wanted to see the many ways our community of volunteers gather to support children and youth from a social / emotional context; and found just that in our one-on-one tutoring and mentoring programs.   

Last month Princesse helped us customize the books and learning tools that make up the backpacks that we distribute to some 6,000 students.

"I was super excited to get to know more about SOWMA and the programs designed to help children who don't have much," she said. 

Thanks for choosing us, Princesse.  It's our pleasure to have you on board for kids! 


There are many ways to get involved - tutor, mentor, stage a drive, donate ... check it out here!  

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