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Zachary's Story: Downtown Daegu


Greetings from South Korea!

Earlier in the semester, I had some amazing times in downtown Daegu that I would like to share! 

Firstly, I went to a South Korean baseball game! It was a match involving the Samsung Lions vs. another team from Dongsan. The Samsung Lions are the team of Daegu, and "Samsung" comes from the famous company that originated here that I am sure most of you are familiar with. The game was very energetic, and as opposed to American baseball, there is cheer leading involved throughout the game, and ironically it seems to be more intense. It was interesting because each player on the Samsung Lions had their own sort of theme song that everyone chanted while they were preparing to bat the ball. While I am not a hardcore baseball fan, I found myself caught up in this atmosphere. I attached some photos and a video! I went with my friends so it was a fun time. 

Secondly, the next day I visited a sushi restaurant and had shrimp and raw salmon! I never had any sort of raw fish before... but it was quite good! Also, I took a look around at some other shops in the area, and visited a place called Neverland. They were selling giant stuffed creatures that costed up to $3,400! After going I realized I didn't take any photos of downtown itself! It must have been too much fun because I was with my friend. However, it is okay because it is quite easy to get to and I plan to go there again in the future.

Best regards,


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