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We received this note from an 8th grade student who has been in our program for 2 years. Thank you to all our SOWMA tutors and supporters for making memories like this possible!

"It was my first time ever doing a science fair project and I was very nervous. I wanted my project to be the best, as an over achiever.The topic of my project  was which of these energy sources, solar or heat can produce enough volts to charge a cell phone. My project made came in first place for my whole school!!! Then I moved on to the city fair where all the middle schools presented their projects. Just when I thought things couldn't get better my project made it to the regionals! Unfortunately, I didn't move on to the state fair, but it was a still a great experience and I did amazing for my first time doing a science project. I want to say a big thank you! This would've not been possible without your help. Thank you so much for the poster lights ,(which made my poster so attractive!) the glitters, and the poster board! I am so thankful for how you made my science fair an unforgettable experience!"

The Massachusetts Secondary School Administrators Association (MSSAA) National Honor Society held its Spring Conference for National Honor Society students of Massachusetts and their advisors on April 6, 2016 at the College of the Holy Cross in Worcester, MA. Each year the National Honor Society selects a charity to be the recipient of fundraising efforts for their Adopt-A-Charity event. The NHS Committee has selected School on Wheels to be the beneficiary of this fundraising for the 2016-2017 school year.

Meet Eddie Myles. In the months leading up to Outrunning Homelessness Eddie has been waking up at 6AM to run 2-4 miles to prepare for the 5K race. On Saturday, April 30 Eddie and his dad raced for SOWMA's kids together! On top of participating in SOWMA's annual 5K Eddie also raised $140 on his own by doing different jobs. His parents matched the money he earned from doing chores, such as dog walking, for a grand total donation of $280 to support the education of kids who have lost their homes. We thank Eddie for his perseverance and commitment to helping kids who have been impacted by homelessness.

A message from Zachary:

Hello everyone!

As I write this, it is still winter vacation in South Korea, but classes will begin again about two weeks. Actually, the first academic semester begins here in March, as opposed to beginning in September like in western countries. I want to share my recent trip to Seoul with you, and also some updates on classes and what I plan to do next semester. 

My friend and I visited Hongdae (one of the many precincts) in Seoul, the capital city, and I was able to try a Korean karaoke room for the first time. Since it is very popular, there are many karaoke rooms along the streets! It was a very interesting experience, and even though I can't sing, it was still fun despite the embarrassment. We also checked out Lotte World! It is a famous Disney World-style amusement park in Seoul. Unfortunately, we were unlucky with the weather, so we stayed on the inside part of the park, but waiting in lines for those rides took hours, anyway.

Logo on Truck

If you're driving around the MetroWest area, keep a lookout for this cool truck! Tresca Bros. Sand & Gravel, Inc., in Millis, MA, is helping raise public awareness for School on Wheels by placing our logo and contact information on the drum of this concrete truck. Tresca plays a unique role in promoting many charitable foundations across New England by placing logos on their trucks, free of charge. Thank you, Tresca Bros., for supporting the education of SOWMA's kids! Learn more about Tresca Brothers Charity Concrete Trucks.

For a dozen years, we at School on Wheels have watched with familial pride as our students rise above the challenges of homelessness to excel academically and create opportunities for themselves to succeed in school and in life. Whenever a student returns to SOWMA as a volunteer tutor to “pay it forward” by encouraging younger students to focus on their education, we couldn’t be more proud. Lena, once a SOWMA student herself, is a recent college graduate who has returned to SOWMA to tutor 10-year-old Devon.

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