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Recently, Ryan showed his long-time tutor Bruce, a quiz he had done well on in school. This moment stood out to Bruce for two reasons; it meant Ryan was doing better in school, but it also demonstrated the level of trust that had developed between them.

Bruce has been working with Ryan for four years. Ryan's family is no longer in shelter, but as a student impacted by homelessness he continues to be eligible for School on Wheels services. Bruce and Ryan's long-term relationship is a testament to the deep and lasting good School on Wheels strives for through its programming.

student and tutor

Over the last four years, Bruce has seen Ryan develop into a student who is motivated to finish high school and pursue education beyond. When they first started working together, Bruce remembers Ryan getting easily distracted by other students working nearby, and coming to tutoring after having stayed up late playing video games. Now he is more serious. During a recent tutoring session, they sat together in their usual spot in the corner of the busy tutoring room. They were hunched over a SAT prep book, notebook, and dictionary, defining vocabulary words like "palliative" and "connoisseurs," as Ryan prepared to take the SATs for the second time. He hopes to make a career out of his long-time hobby of playing video games by creating 3-D graphics.

"I'm going to be a friend and a reference for Ryan for the rest of his life," Bruce says. This commitment to Ryan's long-term personal growth will have a much greater impact on his life than short-term scholastic help alone would have. For his part, Ryan has this advice for kids living in homeless shelters: "It'll get better, don't give up." With the continued support of our donors, tutors, and other volunteers, School on Wheels of Massachusetts can ensure that students like Ryan don't give up on themselves or their education.


Tuesday night I arrived at the Family Life Center to work with a 5th grade boy, Dillon. I saw Dillon in the hallway on my way into tutoring. He told me that he did not want to come for tutoring. After talking with him for several minutes we made a deal that he would come in for only 20 minutes.

A gift to School on Wheels of Massachusetts is a wonderful way to honor a special occasion, a teacher or a coach.

Your donation helps support the education of a child impacted by homelessness and makes a thoughtful gift for teachers, coaches, family, and friends. 

Call us, email us, or visit us to pick up these very special gifts.

Cards are available in any amount ($10 minimum donation).


Please share this information with the other parents in your child's classrooms and activities.   We really appreciate it.

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Children growing up in homes with lots of books end up attending three more years of school than children who grow up in homes with no books. The more books in the home the greater the benefit!

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Recently, we were thrilled to have a bunch of hard-working, friendly, fun volunteers in our stockroom.  The Bridgewater State University employee volunteers helped us prepare and organize over 140 backpacks for the children in the Brockton motels and family shelters for the new school year.
~ submitted by Colleen Rooney, summer intern and student at Bridgewater State University

For the last several weeks, I have been tutoring Matt and John, ages 5 and 7.  Matt, the younger one, is a very bright child who excels in math and reading and will be entering first grade in September.  Unfortunately, his brother John is far behind academically.  John is going into third grade, but he is at a first grade level.  John is a student who has been “swept under the rug” and continues to go unnoticed, as many children impacted by homelessness do.
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