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We are ever so grateful to the JG Press World Publications Group of East Bridgewater, MA. Just last month, we received a delivery of over 800 brand new books for our students.  This is in addition to the 860 books they delivered last winter!
jospeh1At our recent  Outrunning Homelessness fundraising event, we had the good fortune to meet a third grader named Joseph. At only 9 years old, Joseph is an avid participant in fundraisers and road races, and he took the time to fill out our questionnaire so we could get to know him a little better.
NAME: Joseph
AGE: 9
SCHOOL: Morrison School in Braintree, MA
FAVORITE HOBBY: Boxing, swimming, running, biking and playing the drums
HOW DID YOU FIND OUT ABOUT SCHOOL ON WHEELS? Through my dad's aunt, Janice.
 I have been involved in many fundraisers and road races, such as:
  1. Sprint for Super Saturdays for children with special needs (done this twice!)
  2. Saint Patrick's Day Run for the Gold
  3. Turkey Run for cancer research (done this twice!)
  4. The Run for Charlotte
  5. Morrison 5k
  6. Kyleigh's Cure 5k for childhood cancer (I will be running this one again in a few weeks!)
FUTURE PLANS? The next race I will be running is the Hollis 5k in late June, which supports the Braintree public schools. I also plan on running Outrunning Homelessness for School on Wheels again next year and am hoping to do a fundraiser for this cause.
Joseph's mother says, "He is an amazing boy who has an incredible heart. He is always thinking of others and fully understands why he does these races. He says, 'Not only is it fun but I am helping other people who need help.'"

 Joseph pictured above with SOWMA's Founder and Executive Director, Cheryl Opper
Joseph pictured above with SOWMA's Founder and Executive Director, Cheryl Opper

Whitney Coy, in her article titled
"Raising Philanthropic Kids" states "Our children are our future, so teach them now to make a positive impact on the world. Show them how to help others and give back to the community, and they’ll reward you -- and their communities -- with a lifetime of giving. Raising philanthropic children may not be easy, but it’s well worth your time." Joseph's dedication his young age is an inspiration to all of us at School on Wheels!

get involved school on wheels of MA

During the 91st Annual Meeting and Campaign United Way Celebration, United Way of Greater Plymouth County honored School on Wheels of Massachusetts with the "Common Good Award for Education."  School on Wheels of Massachusetts was recognized for delivering life-changing tutoring and support services for children impacted by homelessness in Southeastern Massachusetts. Founder and Executive Director Cheryl Opper (pictured above with School on Wheels staff) accepted the award. 

 The United Way of Greater Plymouth County newsletter states “We can change our world for the better, but the only way we will be successful is for us to be ’united’ in our efforts. Some of our most thoughtful and compassionate neighbors have discovered this truth and they are actively engaged in bringing people together in partnerships that are making a difference in the lives of our neighbors who are most in need.” The remarks at the luncheon reflected this call to service. Dana Mohler-Faria, President of Bridgewater State University, built his keynote address around a Horace Mann quote, ”Be ashamed to die before you win a victory for humanity.”

Five of our School on Wheels students have received a full ride scholarship to Bridgewater State University through the Bridgewater Scholars Program. School on Wheels of Massachusetts is proud to be making a difference for children whose lives have been impacted by homelessness, such as Alexis and Nephthalie.

common good united way
Common Good Award recipients pictured with Dennis Carman, President and CEO of
United Way of Greater Plymouth County. 
From left to right - Julie Lom, "Brockton Knocks Down Diabetes"
Dr. Michele Wakin, "Institute for Social Justice at Bridgewater State University"
Cheryl Opper, "School on Wheels of Massachusetts"
girl reads
A message from our Executive Director, Cheryl Opper:
I want to share an inspiring story with you. It's hard to choose just one when there are so many, but this one shows how one person can change someone's life.
milca and nepthalieHaving once been homeless and on the receiving end of our academic services, sisters Nephthalie and Milca understand the importance of giving back and helping others in need. They also understand the importance of a higher education as a way to move beyond homelessness. Their dream while living in shelter was to attend college and one day work in the medical field. Through our High School Plus program, Nephthalie and Milca attended Massasoit Community College for three semesters and  transferred to Bridgewater State University, where they received the honor of being accepted into the Bridgewater Scholar Program.

The Bridgewater Scholar Program is designed to assist students who have demonstrated educational success and who are poised to make the most of the resources BSU has to offer, despite the obstacles of homelessness. Students go through the regular admissions process and are nominated, then selected as Bridgewater Scholars, a distinction that grants the student full financial support.

As a way to give back while attending BSU, both Nephthalie and Milca applied to and were accepted into the Bridgewater State University Study Tour Program, which gives students the opportunity to travel and volunteer abroad for class credit. Nephthalie visited Cape Verde for three weeks during her winter break, where she volunteered at a school that Bridgewater State University funded and built. Milca is currently in Tanzania for three weeks, also volunteering at a school to help children with their education.

School on Wheels opens doors to a world full of possibilities for our students. The combination of our guidance and resources, together with the students' hard work and determination, allows them to accomplish amazing feats. We currently have a total of five Bridgewater Scholars receiving full ride scholarships to BSU. Your support and community partners like Bridgewater State University make our work possible! Click here to read Nephthalie's own words about her trip.

Learn more about the High School Plus program.

One of our incredible college students, Nephthalie, who currently attends Bridgewater State University had the opportunity to visit Cape Verde on a community service trip. Here is what she had to say about her experience: 
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