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Zachary Prepares to Come Home from South Korea

It is Zack again, and I have my final trip update for you... my trip to the coastal city Busan.

This time I went solo, but that didn't change the fact that it was incredibly amazing. The places I went to were, specifically, Busan Tower, Haeundae beach, and Gwangalli Bridge/Beach. The areas around these places looked incredible--I felt like I was living in a future city. The buildings must have definitely cost fortunes to build, but they are hot-spot areas to live in. Near Haeundae Beach there was a festival going on, which I didn't know was happening. It was interesting, because people were sculpting these amazing portraits out of sand and there some talent shows. There were many other foreigners at this beach and it was very refreshing to simply see and smell the surrounding sea. I will say that this was a great trip to sign-off my stay in Korea. Now, it’s all about finishing classes and work, and coming back to the US on June 16th!! I feel sad to leave, but at the same time, I’m eager to return, work hard, and continue towards my graduation and path of success.

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