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Pre-School Playmates Supports SOWMA Students

School on Wheels was selected to be the beneficiary of Pre-School Playmates’ 10th annual Building Blocks Fundraiser. On the evening of March 4, 2016, Cheryl Opper, founder and executive director of School on Wheels of Massachusetts, attended the gala fundraiser and received the very generous amount of over $19,000. About 70 parents and friends of the local pre-school attended the event which was held to benefit the education of SOWMA’s students who are impacted by homelessness.

Maryann Landry, a former first grade teacher who recognized a need for more quality preschools on the South Shore, opened Pre-School Playmates almost 35 years ago. There are currently three Pre-School Playmates schools located on the South Shore in the towns of Bridgewater, Abington and Hingham. Pre-School Playmates seeks to provide better preparation for students academically, emotionally, and socially before they enter public school. Landry recognizes the importance of consistency and stability to a child’s academic success, and how the challenges of homelessness can impact it. “No child in this country should ever face homelessness. All children deserve the same advantage of a good beginning in life and a good education and we need to do all we can to help make sure that happens,” said Landry. “SOWMA works so hard to do this and help all children succeed.”

Susanne Maroney, who coordinated the event and is the parent of a Pre-School Playmates student, agrees with Landry. “From our first meeting with Cheryl, we quickly realized what an amazing and worthy organization SOWMA is. To then to see SOWMA in action at one of the local motels was life changing and inspiring. This organization is truly bettering these disadvantaged children’s lives both academically and personally through tutoring and mentoring.” said Maroney.

“The Pre-School Playmates parents were enthusiastic about the mission of School on Wheels and they were interested in finding ways to become more involved,” Opper said. “This was an important event to help us raise awareness and funds in new communities to support the education of our kids. We are beyond grateful that we were chosen as their beneficiary.”

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