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Zachary's Story: First Visit to Gyeongju

Hello, it has been a while!

These days I am studying for midterms, so it has been quite busy academically. However, I found the time to visit Gyeongju! This particular trip was really amazing. I'm sure you will find the pictures interesting, and I would also like to tell you a little bit about it.

The places in Gyeongju I visited were Bulguksa Temple, the Royal Tombs, and Mt. Namsan. The temple is Buddhist and has absolutely beautiful architecture. I could really feel the history and past of the place. Some keepers were tending to the areas inside the temple, but no cameras were allowed. The hills you can see are the royal tombs, and they were built for ancient royalty when there were separate kingdoms in Korea. This particular area belonged to the Silla dynasty, which comprised of the south-eastern part of the region. Tombs were built and then workers would dig all that dirt on top to create the mounds. Really crazy! One of the tombs were open for tourism, which was excavated, and there were neat little artifacts in there such as a golden crown, an ancient map and such. Sadly, no cameras allowed in there either. Also, hiking about halfway up Mt. Namsan, the scenery was absolutely beautiful. I look forward to having more interesting travels! I had another trip to Mt. Sobaeksan two days after, and I will share the photos in a next email.


Best regards,

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